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5-tips-to-improve-your-memory-smMany people find themselves unsatisfied with their ability to recall information. It can be even more embarrassing when you forget something important, such as a significant other’s birthday, or your child’s name.

But don’t beat yourself up too much over these absent-minded faux pas, as even those of us with incredibly tempered memories can find themselves trying to remember a fact, or face. Hell, I once forgot how to use my house keys, and I consider myself to be on the higher end of the mental recall spectrum!

As such, I have decided to share with you five tips I use which help improve my own memory.

1. Maintain A Positive Mindset

Many people resign themselves to the conviction that their memory is defective, or that they’re finally succumbing to Alzheimer’s, and all hope is lost. But the brain is like any other muscle; It merely needs to be exercised to reach it’s full potential.

Perform tasks that will test your memory, such as memorizing license plate numbers of people who cut you off in traffic, and their address once you’ve followed them to their house. After engaging in these mental workouts daily for a few weeks straight you will find a noticeable difference in your ability to remember specific items on the fly.

2. Try To Feign Interest In The Subject Matter

Or “fake it til you make it”. I realize that most things in life can be mundane, empty, tiresome… But if you pretend that you’re interested, it will eventually trick your brain into believing the information is valuable, and will therefore retain it more easily.

3. Follow Some Of Our Stress Relief Techniques

High levels of anxiety can hinder your focus, and therefore make it harder to access one’s memory. You can check out the following link to our archives.

4. Concentrate

Most people fail to recall simply because they’re generally oblivious to the goings-on around them. They live in their own head, utterly blind to anything outside of themselves, and their simple, animalistic desires.

You can’t expect to remember things that you’ve blatantly ignored to begin with. Start paying attention to the world around you! Take note of the weather, the buildings, your senses. Make a list of those who have slighted you and read it to yourself throughout the day as you plot your revenge.

5. Calm Yourself And Focus

Relaxing aids memory. A classic example is the compulsive restlessness you feel when you have misplaced your phone, or TV remote. Like a Chinese Finger Trap, the more frantic you become, the less likely you are to remember where you last placed them.

Consider obtaining some marijuana cigarettes if they are legal in your state. Whenever you’re unable to remember something, sit back, relax, and take a few tokes. You’ll be remembering all kinds of stuff in no time! Even things that have nothing to do with what you were originally looking for! Wait, what were you looking for again?

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Originally Published On Self-Worth Digest

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