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Airbus recently filed patents for several innovative new seating arrangements within the passenger cabins of their mass-transit air craft, but potential patrons are already wincing in disapproval.

The latest patent confounding social media users is referred to as the ‘Mezzanine’ model, depicting humans stacked atop one another ala Tetris. Among other things, the Mezzanine stands accused of being a cynical tactic on behalf of Airbus, a ham-handed ploy to cram more people into their flying metal bullets, thereby raising profits significantly.
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A study out of Denver’s Diversity Symposium has found the only way for people to extinguish racism in their own hearts and minds is to become experts at identifying racism in others.

Dr. Wilder, a researcher of racial and cultural statistics gave an interview recently where he informed reporters of his findings.

“Everyone has some form of prejudice. That is simply human nature. But I’m confident in saying that my dedicated group of researchers have found a way in which we can all vanquish those racist impulses that each of us are infected with.
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Beautiful Yulin City In China's Guangxi Province Where The Dog Meat Festivals Are Held Every Year

Beautiful Yulin City In China’s Guangxi Province Where The Dog Meat Festivals Are Held Every Year

(Yulin, China) – The National Report has sent me on location to the Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China’s Guangxi province, to take in the sights and sounds and to discover for myself what the all hubbub was about surrounding this rich cultural event.

As I made my way through the bustling crowd and racks of cages crammed with frightened dogs, I could smell the intoxicating aromas of the food being prepared by jovial street vendors. I observed locals and tourists alike digging into some of these hearty dishes and decided to get their take on what drew them to the this barbaric yet mouth-watering jubilee.
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Cheryl Ford, owner and operator of the opulent Orange County grooming salon Tres’ Paws Pet Spa has recently come under fire for practicing what some see as unnecessary and cruel practices. Among the long list of services offered to clients, which includes things such as acupuncture and tantric massage, the salon also offers something usually only sought after by adult film actresses and trophy wives. What’s that, you ask? Why, it’s anal bleaching for your four legged friend!
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The love shared between a man and a woman is truly a magical, rapturous thing that should always be cherished and preserved. However, there are times when that love can become strained due to many of the pressures and conflicts all couples inevitably face throughout their relationship.

It’s for these reasons we here at Every Woman Weekly feel it’s of the utmost importance to help educate women in the ways they can establish an unbreakable bond with their mate, as well as intensify the love you already share.
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“And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you…”
Friedrich Nietzsche
“Beyond Good and Evil”, Aphorism 146

As a woman there are few things more horrifying than your own genitalia. Hidden, thankfully so, between a cleft in your thighs, this reproductive organ seems to inspire feelings of guilt and inadequacy in its owner.

Since the dawn of time women have done everything in their power to try and forget about the yeasty baby oven as well as the monthly curse associated with being a female. It’s challenging enough for adolescent girls who are trying to come to terms with the reeking orifice between their legs. Once puberty kicks in and their flesh-flower starts belching up copious amounts curdled blood on a monthly basis, it’s enough to induce deep and lasting trauma.
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