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As any girlfriend worth her weight in salt should know: It’s a major drag when your beau isn’t showering you with the praise and affection you so rightfully deserve.

After all, he is the nucleus of your existence. Your every waking breath revolves around fulfilling his needs, wants and catering to each and every mico-expectation that arises. Why should his priorities be any different?
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A new study reveals teen pregnancy rates drop significantly after age 19.

The startling correlation was reported by millions of family planning centers nationwide after a 5 years study conducted by an exclusive research team led by Dr. Sandra McKinnon.

Dr. Sandra McKinnon reported the team’s findings during a recent US Reproductive Studies Symposium. “It is an undisputed fact that teen pregnancy rates are nearly non-existent when a woman reaches the age of 20. If you encourage your adolescents to abstain from sexual intercourse until they reach this age, the chances of them becoming teen parents are incredibly slim–Almost nonexistent.
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Dear Jane, let me first say that I greatly admire your work, and hope to one day be a prominent feminist icon, such as yourself.

I’m in my early 20’s and attending my second year of Women’s Studies at Cambridge College in Boston, MA. I’m fat positive, bbw, bisexual cis-girl who has been feeling particularly lonely as of late. When I have attempted to enter the dating game, the “men” frequently turn out to be assholes who don’t understand the importance of feminism, LGBTQ rights, and everything else that’s so super essential in today’s society.

Worse yet, some men I’ve met have been outright misogynists, and even attempt debating me on the necessity of feminism in modern American culture.
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A new study out of Vermont’s Women’s Educational Ministry reveals the average women’s pubic hair is not only teeming with bacteria, but is also encrusted with an alarming amount of fecal material.

These findings surfaced after hundreds of pubic hair samples were taken from college attendees in the Vermont area. It was revealed that most women’s nether regions are host to a startling number of dangerous bacteria.
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Dearest Jane,

I am what most would consider to be a fairly attractive woman. I’ve had no problem getting dates in my early twenties, and by “dating” I mean having semi-anonymous, no-strings-attached romantic encounters with a seemingly endless parade of attractive, successful men. I was on top of the world, for a time… Like most young women these days, I bought into the whole “sex positive” rhetoric which claimed that woman should never be shamed for their sexual appetite, however voracious it may be. If a woman wanted to have dozens of sexual partners, then gosh darn-it, she was entitled to that right just like any ole man would be!
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