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Dear Jane,

I’ve been going through an existential crisis for the past several weeks and I’m really hoping you can help me out.

So, I’ve been dating a guy for about two months now and I’m really, really into him. Doesn’t sound like a problem, right? Well, in the past (and even up until this current relationship) I’ve been, how shall you say, a bit lax on who I’ve went to bed with.

I’m just an easy going gal who’s into trying out new things, enjoying life, partying all of it relatively harmless I would think…

The wonderful man I’m currently dating has absolutely no idea about my past as a hussy and I’m not sure how or even if I should inform him about it. One girlfriend of mine insists I shouldn’t and it will spoils things for us but I don’t know, that just seems so dishonest. I don’t want our relationship to be founded on dishonesty but at the same time I don’t want to scare him away with my sexual history.

My question is: Should I tell him? Or could it destroy the feelings he currently has for me?

Thank you and keep up the great work ladies!
Brenda Around The Block

Dearest Brenda,
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