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Transethnic, Tyrone Jenkins, Showing His True Colors

(Home Office) – The popular website Tumblr is the newest flavor picker for today’s forward thinking and progressive LGBTQ culture. The site and its users have been indispensable for spreading awareness of women’s rights, slut shaming, transphobia and other topics generally glossed over by our patriarchal society.

Now they have helped to propelled yet another discriminated minority into the world’s spotlight: Transethnicity.

National Report was the premier news site to report on these courageous individuals back in December of 2013. It was then that I interviewed one of the first people to be an out-of-the-closet transethnic.

Prior to my report, transethnic individuals received little to no support from the LGBTQ community, left to face a lack of understanding and bigotry which dwarfs their transsexual counterparts ten fold. They have faced such slurs as “racist”, “weeaboo” and even “wigger”, in their brave effort to simply be themselves. Their persecutors not realizing that the race these persons most closely identify with is not a choice, but a psychological necessity.
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leelah-law-transgendered-youth-c(Lebanon, OH) – The suicide of transgender youth, Leelah Alcorn, a week after Christmas sent shock waves through trans-activism communities around the globe. It was revealed that the 17-year-old chose to end her life after enduing alleged years of abuse from staunch Christian parents who offered her little support and understanding. Lealah was denied the sexual-reassignment surgery that could possibly have saved her life. In her suicide note, which was posted via Tumblr, Leelah illustrated the bleakness of her situation. A troubling scenario whom hundreds of other trans-youths experience on a daily basis.

Carmen Blair is the founder of Ohio Trans-Youth Committee, and is the primary creator of a bill called “Leelah’s Law” which would make sex change services accessible to children who wish to begin transitioning at an early age.
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