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Those who are unable to afford the steep Obamacare premiums are going to be faced with a lot more than just extensive fines at the end of every tax year. It has been reported that several Obamacare “labor camps” are being constructed around the nation where those who refuse or are unable to drum up the funds for the new insurance plans will be temporarily detained in order to work off fines.

Sources say that an Amtrak railcar repair facility in Indiana was the first in the country to be converted into an Obamacare detainment and processing center. There have allegedly been multiple facility conversions in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado and California.
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Horse Meat – It’s What’s For Dinner… And Breakfast, And Lunch…

(Columbia, SC) – Several hundred horses are currently being slaughtered and processed to create the delicious potted meat product that will inevitably be feeding thousands of FEMA camp occupants for the duration of their residency at the government run compounds.

“We are basically killing two birds with one stone here”, explained Michael Getman, executive coordinator of the plant which is fueled by a generous government subsidy to process the animals into food. In an exclusive interview Michael explained the reasoning behind the program and how it will be beneficial to the inhabitants of the recently constructed FEMA dwellings.

“There has been a persistent nationwide issue with equine overpopulation. Agencies all over America have seized several animals whom owners were unable to provide homes for. Oftentimes these animals are severely malnourished and neglected. Rather than have this problem go on unaddressed, we plan to take advantage of the situation and generate a viable protein source that is ready to consume for those who are living within the newly erected FEMA structures.”
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(USA) – As discord continues to brew among US citizens over the unsettled government shutdown, National Report has received word that the Obama administration has taken steps to prepare for an inevitable nationwide catastrophe. Several thousand Russian troops have been deployed to the US to aid in imposing martial law during the event that disharmony over the uncertain situation reaches fever pitch.

As the shutdown trudges on with no clear end in sight, welfare recipients and other dependents living on the taxpayers dole grow progressively more anxious over the potential elimination of government aid programs and EBT cuts. Obama claims to be expecting a “worst-case scenario” and believes martial law will be needed to restore order to the masses.

Obama reportedly made arrangements with Russian leader Vladimir Putin last month to employ Russian military as “back up” in the instance that American servicemen became overwhelmed with the uprising.
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Seen Here Is Merely One Wing Of The Massive And Elaborate American Citizen Internment Camp In South Dakota's Black Hills National Forest

Seen Here Is Merely One Wing Of The Massive And Elaborate American Citizen Internment Camp In South Dakota’s Black Hills National Forest

The US Government recently finished renovations on the Black Hills National Forest American citizen internment camp in South Dakota. This refurbished World War II  prison  location near Rapid City, SD is built on several acres of lush forestry,  allowing for a picturesque view of the countryside.

The Obama administration is expected to start filling the camp’s vacancy status  by the end of November. Individuals who are found to oppose particular Government regulations. Peace activists. Tea Party members. Suspects with potential links to terrorism. They will all find a new home behind the barbwire gates of Camp Black Hill.
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