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jerome-illinois-featured-islamic-flagThe small town of Jerome Illinois made big news this week when they announced plans to celebrate Muslim Appreciation Month in exceptional fashion. Students at Westhills Middle School will get a taste of Islamic living during November as the school gears up to expand children’s understanding and tolerance of Islam.

The middle school, which teaches grades 6th through 8th, houses roughly 300 students during its nine month school year.  Each day of November curriculum will start with a prayer to Allah. Children will then repeat an Islamic pledge of allegiance to Afghanistan’s flag. Studies will include Arabic reading and writing, Islamic history and Qumran study to name a few.

Traditional Islamic meals will also be served in the cafeteria. The month-long celebration will culminate in a two-hour school play about the life and teachings of the prophet Mohammed.

Parents will be required to purchase new school uniforms; Abayas for the girls and Thobes for boys. Failure to partake in the month’s activities will lead to a failing mark and the child being forced to take the grade over.

In a phone conversation,  school principal Mohammed Ishir told me:
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Tweet Depicting ISIS Leader Taking Credit For Recent Facebook/Instagram Outage

BREAKING – Facebook and Instagram, two of the most popular US social networking sites in the world, have been temporarily shut down by e-terrorists claiming affiliated with ISIS. The strike is said to be a retaliatory move against the popular blockbuster movie, ‘American Sniper’, which has been number one in the box office since its release on January 16th. The movie depicts late US Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, and his role as one of the most lethal snipers in history.

The film has caused outrage amongst Muslim extremist groups, many of which have vowed to seek retribution in the form of a number of scheduled attacks against popular social media websites. They have deemed the movie to be highly offensive and insensitive to their religion, and have demanded that screenings be cancelled nationwide.
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Church Of The Holy Sepulchre Destroyed In Hamas Attack

Church Of The Holy Sepulchre Previous To Being Destroyed In Hamas Attack

After a bloody week of clashes that has left several hundred Palestinians dead, Hamas has exacted revenge by leveling the revered Church of The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Several hundred Hamas extremists have funneled into the city via a network of underground “terror tunnels“.

Israel soldiers only recently discovered these tunnels and have worked diligently to disable as many as they could. It has been discovered that a number of these tunnels lead directly to Holy sites all over Jerusalem. It is clear that the goal of Hamas is to destroy as many of these monuments as possible.
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