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State officials have announced that starting July 15th, Oregon will begin issuing reparations payments to those previously convicted of marijuana related crimes within the past decade. The decision comes hot on the heels of the marijuana legalization measure which takes effect July 1st throughout Oregon.

Carol Shapiro is the newly appointed coordinator for the Oregon Department of Marijuana Reparations, and he elaborated on how this system will work to get those affected by previous laws, back on their feet. “These were essentially incidents that should have never been tried as crimes to begin with. Thousands of people have payed dearly over the years for laws which criminalized a substance less dangerous than any over-the-counter painkiller.”
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The Black Panther Baltimore chapter have reportedly been transporting gang members from the surrounding states of Washington, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to assist in the destruction of white-owned businesses.

Black Panthers, specifically those residing in Baltimore, have well known and longstanding ties with the notorious Crips gang. Black Panthers have also facilitated a temporary truce with rival gang, The Bloods, and added them to their ranks. Vans filled with felonious criminals with malicious intent have been spotted driving into the urban war-zone ten to twenty at a time.

These frightening plans were said to be largely uncovered after the arrest of several looters in downtown Baltimore. Upon interrogation, the looters caved and admitted their plot to target law enforcement, media as well as white civilians during the violent, ongoing melee.
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