Cattle-Prod Wielding Riot Squads Put In Place To Control Black Friday Hordes In Atlanta

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(Atlanta, GA) – Bracing for the inevitable flood of rabid shoppers eager to take advantage of Black Friday deals, multiple shop owners have chosen to employ off duty officers in full riot gear equipped with electrical prods to keep the unruly masses in check.

Martin Denny, owner of Denny’s Discount Deals & More has hired four armed security guards, each of them fully prepared to use force if faced with any possible aggression. “Last year there was nearly a riot in my shop over buy-one-get-one-free economy packs of adult diapers. That’s a day I really don’t wish to revisit, so I have taken measures to assure it does not occur again.”

Sadly, the incident at Denny’s store was not an isolated event during last years Black Friday shopping frenzy. Emergency rooms filled to over capacity all over Atlanta with people who had sustained a myriad of injuries during the 24 hour free-for-all. Several elderly people as well as children were trampled to death during stampedes when stores finally opened their doors.

“They Just Shoved Her Down And Stomped All Over Her Body, All These People…”

Shaniqua Solange watched in horror as her elderly grandmother was crushed to death when hundreds of people fled in a mad dash to take advantage of deep discounts at Paradise Beauty Supply. “They just shoved her down and stomped all over her body, all these people…” Shaniqua sobbed, dabbing her eyes. “By the time the crowd dispersed, she was dead. I lost my Granny because people wanted cheap lace fronts and weaves. Please stop the madness.”

Law enforcement officers also taken extra steps to help reduce potential violence and needless deaths during this notoriously deadly day. They have encouraged shop owners to post a list of Black Friday rules of conduct on the front doors of all their establishments. Anyone who deviates from these rules will be forcibly ejected from the premises and could face possible arrest.

Those who have decided to go the extra mile and hire guards equipped with methods to deal with violence say they feel much safer with the day looming just around the corner. “I’m not taking any chances this year” Denny added. If people want to act like animals, then they will be treated like animals.”

Jane M. Agni (2013, November 27)
Originally Published On National Report

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