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The Offending Snopes Article Calling The Existence Of Jesus Christ A “Myth”

( – The website Snopes recently derived sharp criticism from members of the Christian faith after publishing an article that declared the life and death of Jesus Christ as little more than an ancient bamboozle.

For the last 18 years Snopes has been documenting hoaxes, scams, chain letters and urban legends for the perusal enjoyment of web surfers. Created in 1995 by the husband and wife team of David and Barbara Mikkelson, the website has since expanded to become one of the most comprehensive and respected archives of human chicanery to date.

Along with their ever-growing database of cons, so too has their readership flourished, currently averaging roughly 300k unique visitors per day. The majority of these individuals herald the site as an infallible fountainhead of wisdom and truth.

However, many Christian readers were mightily offended by having their personal Lord and Savior filed away among the Nigerian 419 scams and chain letters warning against the dangers of psychotropic toads. Online Christian communities have already begun calling for the site’s boycott, calling the article in question “Unnecessary and extreme sacrilege.”

I spoke with Lisa Mears of the popular Christian forum “Rejuvenation In His Name Ministries” who had the following to say: “Snopes wants to claim my Heavenly Father is some sort of  hoax? Some urban legend? We’ll just see how much debunking they’ll be doing while burning in HELL!”

On the opposite end of the religious spectrum Atheists are celebrating Snopes for their ruling, hailing this as the “toppling of modern Christianity”.  Atheists far and wide are reportedly posting phrases on Facebook and Tumblr such as “God is dead!” and “Snopes killed God!”

Snopes was unavailable for comment but it is unlikely they will be pulling the offending article anytime soon.

Jane M. Agni (2013, October 28)
Originally Published On National Report

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