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Darren Wilson, the officer who was acquitted in the murder of Mike Brown, has resigned from his position at the Ferguson Police Department. Since Wilson’s departure from law enforcement, the 28-year-old high school graduate has relocated to an undisclosed tropical island on the coast of Honduras. Here, the former officer of the law plans to enjoy an early retirement in the lap of luxury.

The Grand Jury’s decision not to indite Wilson in Mike Brown’s slaying created a volatile situation in the Ferguson community. Angry rioters took to the streets in protest, but rather than expressing their outrage in any constructive manner, residents instead chose to wreak havoc by looting and destroying the businesses of hardworking shop owners.

One young African American male, Deandre Joshua, was discovered murdered just yards from where Brown had died. No one has come forward with information related to the man’s tragic death.

Meanwhile, Darren Wilson is grateful for the generous people who have made donations and expressed their support. He is planning to spend the rest of his days luxuriating in a tropical paradise with his family, far away from the savage brutality of Ferguson. A source close to the Wilsons told National Report, “Darren is blown away by the outpouring of support and looks forward to starting his new life. Although he enjoyed serving Ferguson very much, he is aware that his presence may cause additional tension in the community, so he has made the choice to resign.”

Jane M. Agni (2014, November 30)
Originally Published On National Report

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