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sarita-texas-la-raza-invasion-gang-leader-interview-content-photoWe’re currently on the outskirts of Sarita, Texas, a small town that has been invaded by members of immigration activist group, “La Raza”. This is day three of the illegal occupation, and we have been posted up with the Oath Keepers since they arrived on the scene yesterday. The Oath Keepers have been extremely generous towards us throughout this entire ordeal, and have provided our crew with plenty of food to eat and alcohol to drink. A perimeter around the city has been created, and now we’re holding ground and awaiting response from the National Guard.

An hour ago, a man claiming to be the leader of the “La Raza” militia contacted National Report by phone looking to give a short interview. He goes by the name “Heraclio ‘Libertador’ Villasenor” and through his deep Spanish accent, he speaks perfectly fluid English. The following is my conversation, with only minor edits made for readability sake.

JA: Hello, Mr. Villasenor, and thank you for speaking with me today. What your militants have done in Sarita, Texas has left many people upset and frightened. Can you tell me a little bit about your group’s motivations, and what you hope to achieve through forceful invasion of an American town?

Heraclio Villasenor: Mexican land was stolen from us many years ago. A large portion of the southern region of Texas once belong to the Mexican people. The white man, he kicked them out, stole their resources, and put up a border to keep us away from our ancestral homeland. Now we are expected to adhere to their laws–Laws that they themselves do not follow?

America still relies heavily on our labor to keep their industries afloat. The rich still benefit from the blood, sweat and tears shed by our people for far too long. To this day, we are treated like second-class citizens. Enough is enough!  When a man steals something from you, and you take it back, that is not theft. We are merely reclaiming what was ours to begin with.

JA: But what about the people who you have forced out of their homes? Surely they had nothing to do with what happened to your ancestors. How is this fair to them?

Heraclio Villasenor: Life is not fair. We have learned this ruthless outlook from the Americans. The former citizens of Sarita, TX should be thankful we let them leave with their lives, as Americans have historically not afforded our forefathers the same luxury.

JA: Do you really think you’re going to be able to get away with occupying an American city? How long do you believe you can keep this up?

Heraclio Villasenor: Our mission here is already complete. We have funneled all key La Raza members into the country. Our operatives are already spreading out into the surrounding areas where they will be recruiting new members. If I should be arrested, it would matter little. Though it seems any real authority has been slow to respond. I almost doubt they’re coming at all…

JA: What about the Oath Keepers? They have the city of Sarita surrounded. How will you be able to continue moving La Raza members out of the city?

Heraclio Villasenor: Oh, we have our ways…

Before I could respond, the line went quiet. He had hung up the phone, leaving me with even more questions.

We will continue to be reporting live, on location in Sarita, Texas. Please follow National Report and Jane M. Agni for updates as the situation unfolds.

Jane M. Agni (2014, July 13)
Originally Published On National Report

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