Dozens Of Local Teens Claim To Have Spotted Mike Brown’s Ghost In Ferguson

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Several groups of teenagers in and around Ferguson have recently been reporting encounters with Mike Brown’s ghost near the area where he was gunned down by police.

Shantel Harrison and four of her friends were walking home towards the Canfield Green Apartments on the evening of March 1st when they bore witness to an eerie spectacle. What they saw appeared to be a body lying in the middle of the street where Brown had been shot dead. “We all saw it and we just froze. It was like we couldn’t move, it was so quiet. There was this electric smell and he got up and walked toward us all slow with his hands held out. He said something I couldn’t understand, and that’s when we booked it.”, said Ms. Harrison. “We all ran back to my mother’s apartment and told my uncle who was there. No one believes us. I am afraid to walk at night now.”

Two days later Darrell James and his two cousins experienced a similar encounter at a convenience store near Canfield Green. “I’ll be honest with you man. We just got done smoking, you know what I’m saying, and we had went to get something to drink. We was halfway down the block when we saw him on the corner. I swear on my mama it was Brown. Everything got real cold and quiet and we just seen him standing there.”

“It was like time slowed down or something. He walked up to us and was like, about 10 feet away. There was tears coming down his face and he said something but we couldn’t hear him. It was like all sound just stopped and we went deaf for a minute. We ran man. I never had any experience like that in my life. I went to church the next day and just prayed and prayed. I’ll never forget it.”

Darrell talked to others around the area about his experience and that’s when he realized his group was not the only ones who had come across what can only be described as the ghost of Ferguson’s Mike Brown. Several others have since reported similar encounters. Some have even tried to contact local news stations with the information, but so far reporters have been reluctant to feature the story on local media.

“We’re not the only ones to have seen him. I know it sounds crazy, but this is real. Some people have even called 911, or tried filming it. Nothing came out on the video, but if he appears in front of you, you’ll see him alright. We are gonna try and get a group of us together and try to make contact with him. Those who aren’t too scared. He’s still here and he’s trying to tell us something. We owe it to Mike Brown to find out what it is.”

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