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Shadow Wolf (Standing Center) Poses With Other Leaders Of The Furries For The Second Amendment

Last week during an open carry 2nd Amendment protest there was a most peculiar and unexpected group in attendance. There, amongst a sea of gun-toting conservatives was a new organization, calling themselves “Furries For The Second Amendment”.

With firearms visible over their fursuits, holding signs and  with slogans such as “A Furry With A Gun Has More Fun” and “Eat. Yiff. Shoot. Support FFTSA!” the group appeared on the scene in droves and caught some very perplexing looks from other protesters.

If you’ve spent anytime at all on the internet, or haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure you need no introduction to the furry fandom.  It has long been considered as something of a gag, or a mental illness, depending on who you ask. Fur suits have even popped up several times in mainstream media.

There Are Many Americans Who Don’t Know, Nor Care About The Political Ideologies Of Those Who Subscribe To The Furry Lifestyle

There is a plethora of information on the furry culture via your friendly google search. Essentially, most members of the fandom oftentimes genuinely believe they are they are the anthropomorphic animals they’re dressed as. They invent elaborate personas which they refer to as “fursonas”, some even going so far as to create detailed animal costumes which they wear to their “furry conventions”.  These events are usually just giant meat markets where these maladjusted, painfully awkward beta-schlubs can gather together en-masse and engage in degenerate practices.

There are many Americans who don’t know, nor care about the political ideologies of those who subscribe to the furry lifestyle. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the founders of the Furry NRA, a man who goes by the name of Shadow Wolf, and he cleared up many of the questions that no one in particular had bothered to ask.

Wolf, who’s real name is Gerald Schwartz, is 36 years old and lives with his elderly mother in a mobile home park in Akron, Alabama. He said he discovered the furry fandom as a youth and that he’s always resonated more towards the “wolf spirit” rather than his human form. We tried to keep a straight face as he continued to elaborate in great detail about the furry lifestyle.

After enduring about 45 minutes of this ongoing spiel, he finally got around to answering our questions in regards to his organization. “There are a great many furries who consider themselves to be hardline conservatives. Even the more liberal members of this subculture support American citizen’s right to bear arms. Ha, get it? Bear arms? Rawr!… But on a more serious note, we’re ready to take a stand for the civil liberties of the American people.”

“The Public Would Be Absolutely Shocked If They Found Out Just How Many Top Ranking Republicans Are Closet Furries”
Shadow ‘Gerald Schwartz’ Wolf-

I asked Mr. Shadow Wolf if he or any of his furry brethren has had any trouble with right wingers not accepting them on the basis of their unusual lifestyles. He assured me that many, many members of the NRA identify as furries already, yet choose to keep their furry “fursonas” private.

“The public would be absolutely shocked if they found out just how many top ranking republicans are closet furries. There even exists photographs from the 80’s of Charlton Heston in a fur suit. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We are standing up and saying that there is no need to be stifle who we really are inside. We are working to create Furry acceptance in the pro-firearms community as well as everywhere so that eventually no one will ever have to fear being judged, mistreated or ridiculed based upon their status as a furry.”

While National Report was unable to verify several of these claims relating to the overlap of members between the NRA, the republican party and furries, it seems likely that their extra numbers for the protection of our 2nd Amendment could come in handy. As the gun regulations in this country become stricter and stricter, some groups will be forced to make strange and sometimes embarrassing bedfellows to continue moving forward in their agenda. These admissions, with the possible collaboration between the groups could make both their opposition and  allies see them in a much different light.

Jane M. Agni (2014, February 14)
Originally Published On National Report

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