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I conducted the following interview with an individual purporting to be a veteran gang stalker. I detailed how our correspondence began in part one of the four part series. In it I explain why I feel confident putting my professional reputation on the line to publish this shocking account.

Click here to read part one of the four part exposé.

Our communications were relayed via email between the dates of 9-21-13 to 10-03-13. The messages have been edited slightly from their original format for easier readability. No other information has been omitted or knowingly falsified in the process.

JA: Hello and let me first thank you for reaching out and allowing National Report to publish your story. I know the TI community is well aware their own experiences with gang stalking but many still seem to be in the dark when it comes to the motivations of their perpetrators.  I believe it’s best to start our interview by asking: What is the real incentive behind your psychological torment of American citizens?

PERP: There are as many different motivations as there are groups implementing electronic weapons. For me and the organization I work for, gang stalking stems from a desire to bring order to the world’s chaotic state. I’m an idealist. Common laws are not infallible and sometimes punishment goes un-served. We provide a public service which ensures these failures of justice are rectified.

JA: But these are innocent people you’re torturing… How are you able to justify such a thing? How do you determine they are criminals?

PERP: Well, Jane, that’s a very common misconception about what we do… So I am glad you asked. The organization I work for–specifically–are not out to harm any law-abiding citizens. Our only aim is to neutralize potential threats such as criminals who have escaped prosecution. Drug dealers, sex offenders, nasty folks who our flawed judicial system has been unable to convict.

JA: That is very hard for me to believe. Surely everyone who claims they’re a victim of organized stalking isn’t some hardened lawbreaker…

PERP: I cannot deny the existence of fringe groups who use  technologies similar to our own. Voice to skull microwave communicators. A few of the early model RFID implants. Items like these sometimes find their way onto the black market. It’s common knowledge but still begs the axiom:  If you have enough money you can purchase and do pretty much anything you want. Unauthorized individuals do obtain these electronic weapons to carry out their own personal agendas.  I–nor the organization I work for–engage in this sort of business in any capacity…

This concludes part two in my three part interview with a gang stalker series. Be sure to check back soon for the third and final installment where I ask:

*What are some methods you use and ways that targets can protect themselves? *What is the final objective of organized stalking? *How did you come about this line of work? *Does your family know about your line of work? And much, much more.

Jane M. Agni (2013, October 11)
Originally Published On National Report

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