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gang-stalker-interview-finaleAs I bring you the final installment of my interview with a gang stalker, I would like to thank my readers for all of the wonderfully positive feedback I’ve received since first publishing this piece. It has been quite the overwhelming experience.

Before writing part one of my gang stalker interview I had no idea how widespread of a pandemic this issue had become. The messages I’ve received from the victims of perps have been a sobering eye openers to a crime that’s grown out of control and gone on for far too long.

Across the globe innocent civilians are being tortured in a silent war on sanity. The targets of these shadowy agencies endure 24/7 harassment which includes obscene phone calls, wiretapping, invasions of privacy, destruction of property, bewildering displays of street theater and flash mobbing.

As these attacks continue the TI is gradually worn down mentally, their peace of mind eroded, leaving them with ailments such as clinical depression and in some cases fully inducing lunacy in individuals with no past history of mental health issues.

No one believes the Targeted Individual when they try to express what they’re going through. This is the catch 22 of the gang stalker’s assault: To make the target believe they are insane and to make them seem mentally ill when they speak out against their abuse/abusers.

In the previous three accounts we covered the perpetrator’s motivations, how their targets are chosen as well as some of the technologies that are being used against victims. In this final installment I queried the gang stalker on their goals, home life and how they came into this line of work.

If you’ve missed the last three parts of the interview you may familiarize yourself by clicking here.

Now, without further a due, I bring you Interview with a Gang Stalker: Finale.

“Any Legitimate Gang Stalking Organization That You Encounter Is Somehow Backed By A Facet Of The Government.”

JA: Many targets ask the question “what do the perps want from me?” Can you tell us more about what the final aim of gang stalking is?

PERP: To nullify threats against American society through methods such as gas lighting, electronic harassment and inducing synthetic mental illness. We attempt to either drive the target insane or push them to commit acts that will allow us to legitimately arrest and prosecute them in an American court of law. We want to get these individuals off the streets and into the penal system where they belong.

JA: There are lots of speculations regarding  how one becomes a gang stalker. What did you do initially to enter into this line of work?

PERP: Again, that largely depends on who you work for. We make a concerted effort to find individuals we feel have the correct “personality type” for the job. There are various avenues through which we find our employees. The military, police, certain religious sects, web forums. It takes all kinds, as they say, and our line of work is both demanding and all encompassing.

When I was younger gentleman I worked as a private detective. I was exceptionally good at it too. After cracking one particular case I was approached by the company and offered a position. As it turns out the case I had worked on was a test put forward by the organization as a form of recruitment.

JA: Do your friends and family know about your work? If so what do they think about it?

PERP: They do not. It would be far too messy to explain the whats and whys. Also the company largely frowns on it unless said family members also work for the company. I have a wife and two kids and they believe I’m the general manager of a high end hotel. There’s really no need for them to think otherwise. The only people I truly consider to be “friends” are other perps whom I work with…

JA:What are the legal repercussions? Has anyone ever been arrested and tried for gang stalking?

PERP:Any legitimate gang stalking organization that you encounter is somehow backed by a facet of the government. That could be on a local level and even occasionally on a federal one. Basically what I am trying to communicate is that no one will ever stand trial or be punished for the crime of gang stalking because some of the same people signing the warrants and issuing the judgements are the ones who handed the target over to us in the first place.

“That’s The Crux From Which Gang Stalkers Derive Their Power. Anonymity. Mystery. Confusion.”

Those technicalities aside, we are quite adept at cleaning up after ourselves. There are reasons no one has been able to provide concrete evidence of having been a victim of electronic harassment or organized stalking.

JA: Well I certainly appreciate your honesty during this interview. Do you have any departing thoughts for Targeted Individuals who may be reading this?

PERP: Yes, I do actually. We are coming for you. We know what you have done and there is no place you can hide from us. Justice will be served upon you one way or another.

That certainly cleared up a lot of the questions I had. It’s not  easy for me to swallow the notion that anyone who’s reported being a victim of gang stalking are dangerous criminals. Many of the people I have heard from personally I don’t believe to be dubious or diabolical in nature. None what-so-ever.

Ultimately the interview opened up more questions than it did to answer them. Was this a legitimate gang stalker I spoke with? And if so, were being completely truthful? No one can ever completely know, and that’s the crux from which gang stalkers derive their power. anonymity. Mystery. Confusion. It’s Chinese water torture directed at the persons psyche. It’s all the little things piling up until minor annoyances engulf your life. For these reasons I fear gang stalking will continue to be a crime perpetuated on citizens both innocent and guilty for a much longer time than we had hoped.

Jane M. Agni (2014, January 7)
Originally Published On National Report

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