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In a truly heart-warming display of solidarity, a husband surprises his wife with a colostomy bag tattoo after a tragic skiing accident rendered her unable to pass solid waste.

Dan Barrows, of Newark, NJ, explained to reporters why he choose the image of a prosthetic medical device which is now permanently etched into his lower abdomen.

“My wife was so depressed after her accident. The colostomy bag was a big source of shame for her. I wanted her to know that it’s not a big deal and that I still find her sexy. I got this tattoo so that she doesn’t have to go through the hardship alone.”, he continued, “The artist really did a great job, it looks super realistic, fecal chunks and all! Needless to say, Terra has lightened up considerably. She even wears her bikini when we’re on the lake again, and oddly enough, I get plenty of compliments on my sick new ink. I think people can really appreciate what a loving gesture it is once they hear the whole story.”

Dan’s wife Terra seems to be in agreement with her spouse’s choice to brand himself with an picture of her poop sack. “Not many people would go to this extreme for their spouse”, said Terra. “You just feel damaged, and like you’ll never be attractive to anyone else ever again. There’s a constant sense of shame emanating from the crap hole in my stomach… But I guess it’s really no different than a external rectum… But I digress, I was extremely worried that he would leave me because of it. But our relationship has only grown closer since the accident. My husband means the world to me, and he’s definitely proven his love with this amazing show of empathy for my condition.”

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Originally Published On National Report

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