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Tinseltown is brimming with dread and sorrow after discovering a popular A-list celebrity could be responsible for infecting up to half of Hollywood’s acting talent with HIV.

The anonymous a-lister is being called “Hollywood’s Patient Zero”, and they’re accused of starting an epidemic which has swept through the upper echelons of our most beloved actors and actresses.

Patent Zero is said to be a notorious playboy, known for his nefarious sexual practices, as well as his penchant for abusing intravenous drugs. He has also allegedly spent the past two years keeping his diagnosis a secret, even to his numerous sexual partners. These women went on to sleep with others in the entertainment industry, exponentially spreading the disease to both movie and television stars alike.

I spoke with a Hollywood insider who reported that movie studios are bracing for the crisis. “Nobody can get work”, said our informant. “Everyone’s been freaking out. A large percentage of movie production has come to a screeching halt while a moratorium has been put in place. Unfortunately we’re going to be seeing a high number of our favorite entertainers succumbing to this disease, and Hollywood will have to seek out an entire new generation of talent. This is an absolute tragedy, and could have been avoided.”

For more information on the Hollywood HIV outbreak, patient zero, and what’s being done about the situation, check out the links below. Let us know in the comments which entertainers you believe to be infected.

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