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A new study out of Vermont’s Women’s Educational Ministry reveals the average women’s pubic hair is not only teeming with bacteria, but is also encrusted with an alarming amount of fecal material.

These findings surfaced after hundreds of pubic hair samples were taken from college attendees in the Vermont area. It was revealed that most women’s nether regions are host to a startling number of dangerous bacteria.

Susan Hunt, head microbiologist involved in the research elaborated on the troubling discovery. “In most samples we detected the presence of not only e.coli, but also salmonella, tetanus, staphylococcus, streptococcus. The list goes on and on. I’m amazed that our emergency rooms aren’t overflowing with people who have life threatening infections. It’s truly a testament to the resilience of the human immune system.”

Katherine Watkins was responsible for harvesting pubic hair samples from the study’s participants. Watkins explained in depth what she believes may cause the excess microbes on the average woman’s genitalia.

“Many women simply do not follow proper hygienic measures, especially after using the restroom. The vagina is in such close proximity to the anus that contamination is nearly unavoidable. Really, the only way to remedy these issues is to use anti-bacterial wipes on a regular basis.”

Women are being encouraged to either maintain a shaved pubic area, or wash their genitals with hot water and a strong disinfectant several times a day. Steamy showers are also recommended after each bowel movement as well as after engaging in sexual intercourse.

Katherine went on to say, “Condoms may protect women from STI’s but they don’t necessarily provide protection against the infections that can be caused after all that bacteria is swirled into a froth during intercourse. It is best to wash as much of it away as you can before your reproductive organs become overrun with dangerous microbes.”

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