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New information has been released about the two white flags that replaced Old Glory atop the Brooklyn Bridge Tuesday morning. According to the testimony of a firefighter who assisted NYC police officers in reaching the rooftops where the flags were located, this is no mere act of vandalism, but a grim statement made by radical Islamist which hints at future terrorist attacks.

Sheldon Wayne Thomas is a New York firefighter stationed in Brooklyn’s 68th precinct. He accompanied officers Tuesday because of his experience as a climber, helping them traverse the cables to reach the flagpoles 277 feet above the ground.

“What NYPD Commissioner William Bratton failed to mention during the recent press conference–and what I believe the American people deserve to know–is that evidence found at the scene point to Islamic involvement.”

Continuing, Sheldon states, “When we reached the first flag, there were some items laying nearby. From a distance, it appeared to be a small blanket sitting under a book. Upon closer inspection, we found that it was an Islamic prayer mat, and a copy of the Qur’an respectively. One of the officers opened the book, and found that specific passages had been outlined, many of which related to the importance of moral virtue, and the rewards of religious Jihad. I was shocked when deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism, John Miller, left these details out of his recent press conference. The mayor and his cronies may think they’re avoiding a panic, but I believe Americans, and New Yorkers especially, have the right to know what’s really going on in their city.”

White flags have historically been used by Islamic groups during war-time.  Mohammed often hoisted a white flag while going into battle, and the Ummayad’s continued this tradition of in Damascus and al-Andalus.

When asked about the other theories of the white flag’s origins, such as the possibility of it being a prank, or guerrilla art piece, Mr. Thormas says, “There’s no way just any ole’s person got up there and replaced the flags. The Brooklyn Bridge is under 24-hour police surveillance. The only way a group of men could have accessed this area was if they had government clearance.”

Could the white flags be some form of psychological warfare against US citizens? Are Islamic terrorists hoping to break the American spirit by keeping them constantly alert, and uncertain of their safety? These methods are often used with much success by cult leaders, and oppressive government regimes to exploit their victims. Perhaps Al-Qaeda and its sympathizers no longer feel the need to destroy our landmarks; Not when they can merely suggest how easy it would be to do so with stunts such as this.

Jane M. Agni (2014, July 24)
Originally Published On National Report

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