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Those who are unable to afford the steep Obamacare premiums are going to be faced with a lot more than just extensive fines at the end of every tax year. It has been reported that several Obamacare “labor camps” are being constructed around the nation where those who refuse or are unable to drum up the funds for the new insurance plans will be temporarily detained in order to work off fines.

Sources say that an Amtrak railcar repair facility in Indiana was the first in the country to be converted into an Obamacare detainment and processing center. There have allegedly been multiple facility conversions in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado and California.

Photographic and video evidence shows facilities to be equipped with large 3-4 inch gas mains that are connected to large furnaces which may function as crematoriums. Also seen are several helicopter landing pads, red-blue-green zones for classifying and processing incoming personnel, one way turnstiles, barracks, towers and electrified fences fitted with razor wire to prevent escape.

Indiana residents were alarmed to hear that their city would be the first to support this sort of systematic imprisonment of people unwilling or unable to conform to the Obamacare health plans. Michelle Seymour of Amboy IN had the following to say in regards to these recent developments, “I have two elderly parents who are having trouble keeping their healthcare benefits since this whole Obamacare thing began, and now they might be forced into labor for something they never wanted? They are retired! You can’t force the elderly to do hard physical labor, it will kill them!”

Others had a more supportive outlook in regards to the plan. Daryl Kingman of Borden IN seemed rather unconcerned. “We got a lot of people on welfare out here and maybe this will be a good way for them to give back to the community since all the hardworking taxpayers are footing the bill for nearly everything that enables them to exist. Most of them never learn how to be self sufficient. Perhaps after a few weeks in a work camp they might change their tune and learn to be responsible citizens.”

Regardless of public opinion either against or in favor of the labor camps, it looks as though the government is delving into their plan full bore. The camps are expected to open their doors in early 2015 to make way for any citizens who refused or were unable to pay their insurance premiums, and/or the fines associated with nonpayment.

Jane M. Agni (2014, February 5)
Originally Published On National Report

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