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Homeless Woman with two dogs

Homeless Woman with two dogs

(Portland, Oregon) – A fringe animal rights group in Portland, Oregon has left many residents angered, and the homeless population on edge. Animal Lovers Against Homeless Pet Ownership (ALAHPO) manifested as a rogue activist faction in 2010, but only recently have they begun acting on their extremist ideals.

What is it that has left so many of Portland’s citizens perturbed? A systematic campaign in which members of ALAHPO kidnap animals from the homeless, and re-home them with responsible families via an underground network of sympathetic veterinarians and animal rescue organizations.

The members of ALAHPO prefer to keep their identities secret for fear of potential backlash against their operations. The group was created by a woman calling herself “Beth”, and I was able to speak with her through an email exchange. While many of the local social justice warriors have been vocally disgusted by ALAHPO’s actions, Beth says that she doesn’t care, and is far more concerned with saving the lives of animals than pandering to today’s PC social climate.

Beth And Her Small Group Of Vigilantes Have Been Forcefully Kidnapping The Animals Of Homeless People For The Past Five Months

“Far too often you see these emaciated drug-addicts, sprawled out on street corners, begging for spare change with a dog or cat tethered nearby. Oftentimes they use these animals to procreate funds which support their drug habits. They are merely an object to keep them warm while nodding out under a bridge. When the animal becomes too ill or infested with parasites from living in filth, without the proper diet, veterinary care or parasite control, the owners simply abandon them, creating yet another problem that someone else will have to eventually deal with. It’s absolutely disgusting. I mean, if you can’t even take care of yourself, how are you supposed to take care of an animal? The short answer is: You can’t.”

Beth and her small group of vigilantes have been forcefully kidnapping the animals of homeless people for the past five months. In that time, Beth claims ALAHPO has liberated forty-six animals. She call these operations “extractions” and they are generally performed under the cover of night. When the homeless person reports that their pet has been stolen, authorities rarely take it seriously, and often dismiss the victim as a troublemaker, or addled in some way.

“Their Pets Are Suffering. Starving. Infested With Internal And External Parasites. In Poor Health Because Of The Lifestyles They Are Forced To Endure…”

“We’re doing what’s best for the animals.”, Beth claims. “After rescuing them from these abusive situations, we bring the animal directly to a veterinarian. There they are groomed, brought up-to-date on all vaccinations and flea control, treated for any issues they may be suffering from, as well as being spayde and neutered. We have a network of foster homes where the animals stay until they are placed into safe, loving homes with responsible owners. ALAHPO does it all, and out of our own pockets”

Beth leaves us with these closing thoughts, “Homeless people do not care about their animals. They have no concept of the responsibilities that pet ownership entails, and even if they are aware, they are in no way prepared to carry out these obligations. Their pets are suffering. Starving. Infested with internal and external parasites. In poor health because of the lifestyle they’re forced to endure. Animal abuse is supposed to be illegal in all 50 states of our nation, so why do Portland city officials allow this glaring offense to go unaddressed? Jeopardizing the health and safety of an animal in this manner is not only tolerated, but encouraged, and rewarded. We’re doing what’s right for the animals, and that’s all we care about. We will save them by any means necessary.”

Jane M. Agni (2014, July 17)
Originally Published On National Report

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