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obama-ebola-virus-obamacareWhile health officials in Dallas scramble to contain a virus that could wipe out most of the US population, and insurance specialists such as, Andrea Martin, blast the POTUS’ Affordable Health Care Act for not covering Ebola, President Obama made a short speech in an attempt to reassure the nation that the unfolding pandemic is nothing to worry about, and Obamacare will be amended to include treatment for the fatal Ebola virus.

“America has faced larger, more menacing adversaries than the Ebola virus. We have worked together to defeat terrorism, and now we will work together to defeat Ebola. If our bodies become landscapes of a viral war, we will overcome as we always have.” Obama told the packed house at the Dallas, Texas Convention Center.

After his speech, several officials then handed out informative pamphlets instructing attendees on how to perform simple decontamination procedures as well as ‘health primer kits’ consisting of miniature alcohol wipes and vitamin C tablets. The audience was told that taking vitamin C is a vital part of boosting their immune system in the event that an individual has become exposed to the virus.

Several residents were unimpressed by the Presidents paltry efforts to address such an urgent and imminent disaster. Dallas homeowner Susan Westhouse shook her head after exiting the briefing. “This is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous on a million different levels. They toss us vitamin C and some cotton balls and expect us to think everything is fine? Do you put a band-aid on a ruptured artery? All I can say is that I am packing up my kids and getting as far away from Texas as I possibly can.”

Jane M. Agni (2014, October 23)
Originally Published On National Report

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