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School Shooting Vigil, by  Roquai, Public Domain

School Shooting Vigil, by Roquai, Public Domain

Due to the recent boom in school shootings many educational facilities across the nation have required that parents have their children implanted with RFID chips before being allowed to attend class.

“Implantation of these devices will reduce deaths in the event of serious emergencies. Not only does it allow us to locate the whereabouts of all students, but they are also able to synch up with the student’s smartphone devices so that witnesses may immediately inform other students and most importantly, the authorities.

Teachers will be able to perform lock-downs much more efficiently in order to prevent more injuries and deaths. The perpetrators of these crimes can also be located and contained more efficiently before they can cause any additional harm.”

The program was praised by educators after the recent rash of shootings that left several dead and many others injured. Charlene Hall, principal of Redrock High School in Knoxville, TN. had this to say about the program, which they plan to implement next year.

“We want our students to feel safe as much as we want their parents to feel secure. The advent of recent events has proved that additional security measures are often not enough to prevent deaths in the event of a serious emergency. These implants will ensure safety for all who wish to obtain an education without worrying about the potential threats which may be lurking on campuses. We have opened a hotline to answer all questions about the procedure which will take place at the beginning of the year prior to student pictures. It is an essential step to securing our campuses and providing a safe environment for all.”

Others were sceptical about the program. Darlene Walsh who has 2 students currently attending Brooks Middle School in Hampton, GA. thought RFID implantation was a bit extreme. “I think we should just ban guns and get it over with. Why should my children have microchips shoved under their skin just so the police can kill a shooter faster when he snaps? What if they accidentally kill my kid as well? I’m considering just pulling my boys out of the public school system entirely and homeschooling them so they don’t have to deal with all this drama.”

The student RFID initiative is slated to begin next year during enrollment, and will be mandatory for grades 6 through 12. All public schools will be required to follow the new guidelines, or face criminal prosecution on a federal level. Private schools will have the ability to decline the RFID chipping of their students, but it is likely they will adhere to the agenda.

Jane M. Agni (2014, June 12)
Originally Published On National Report

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