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A study out of Denver’s Diversity Symposium has found the only way for people to extinguish racism in their own hearts and minds is to become experts at identifying racism in others.

Dr. Wilder, a researcher of racial and cultural statistics gave an interview recently where he informed reporters of his findings.

“Everyone has some form of prejudice. That is simply human nature. But I’m confident in saying that my dedicated group of researchers have found a way in which we can all vanquish those racist impulses that each of us are infected with.

Dr. Wilder went onto say, “The primary way to purge yourself of your own racist inclinations is by diagnosing racist features in others. We’ve found that with each accusation, the brain releases dopamine which diminishes any racist thoughts the accuser may have.”

When asked by one reporter if this would simply cause more negative feelings and conflict, bringing about a greater divide, the Doctor said, “It’s up to each individual to overcome racism in his or her own life. Obviously the more a person has been corrupted and defiled by this hideous social cancer, the harder they will have to strive in order to recognize the disease in others, and thus rid themselves of the malady which afflicts them. They are essentially killing two birds with one stone. Eradicating racism in their own lives while also spreading awareness so that others may tackle the issue on their own terms. An issue which has poisoned our culture since the dawn of man.”

Another reporter asked if accusing someone who isn’t racist will have the same effect on the brain, Dr. Weilding responded.

“As previously stated, everyone is racist to varying degrees. So yes, this exercise will still be effective, even if the accused has displayed no outward racist inclinations.

Others speculated that accusing people of things they may or may not be guilty of is a poor methodology in remedying racist tendencies. Jill Holland, who is the coordinator of “Rainbow Voices”, a bi-monthly publication covering race issues in Denver had the following to add. “Racism isn’t this hot potato that you toss in other people’s laps which magically curing you of your calamity. Taking responsibility for one’s own thoughts and deeds would be the route I assume is be the most effective. In this day and age however, it’s not surprising that others might be encouraged by professionals to pass the buck and blame others in order to emancipate themselves from any given responsibility. It’s ridiculous, but so is the world we live in, obviously.”

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