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RAINBOW-STORK-CRYOBANK-SAN-FRANCISCOSan Francisco has long been known as a haven for members of the LGBTQ community. The California city has an extensive and rich history of tolerance for homosexuals and their ilk. Unsurprisingly, one man intends to capitalize on this notion by opening the world’s very first “All Gay Sperm Bank”.

For those ladies who have lusted after their gay friends and hoped for a child imbued with their sense of style and taste, but have been unable to “bag the fag”, so-to-speak, now there’s a safe, effective and convenient alternative.

The Rainbow Stork Cryobank is the brain child of Gary F. Jankins, a San Fransisco native and openly gay individual. Mr Jankins is well known for his philanthropy and keen investments, fronting several lucrative business ventures; the sperm bank being the newest addition in a long list of successful projects.

During an interview he told National Report that his inspiration for the bank arose after several of his female friends has solicited him for sperm themselves.
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