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gang-stalker-interview-finaleAs I bring you the final installment of my interview with a gang stalker, I would like to thank my readers for all of the wonderfully positive feedback I’ve received since first publishing this piece. It has been quite the overwhelming experience.

Before writing part one of my gang stalker interview I had no idea how widespread of a pandemic this issue had become. The messages I’ve received from the victims of perps have been a sobering eye openers to a crime that’s grown out of control and gone on for far too long.

Across the globe innocent civilians are being tortured in a silent war on sanity. The targets of these shadowy agencies endure 24/7 harassment which includes obscene phone calls, wiretapping, invasions of privacy, destruction of property, bewildering displays of street theater and flash mobbing.

As these attacks continue the TI is gradually worn down mentally, their peace of mind eroded, leaving them with ailments such as clinical depression and in some cases fully inducing lunacy in individuals with no past history of mental health issues.
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