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Horse Meat – It’s What’s For Dinner… And Breakfast, And Lunch…

(Columbia, SC) – Several hundred horses are currently being slaughtered and processed to create the delicious potted meat product that will inevitably be feeding thousands of FEMA camp occupants for the duration of their residency at the government run compounds.

“We are basically killing two birds with one stone here”, explained Michael Getman, executive coordinator of the plant which is fueled by a generous government subsidy to process the animals into food. In an exclusive interview Michael explained the reasoning behind the program and how it will be beneficial to the inhabitants of the recently constructed FEMA dwellings.

“There has been a persistent nationwide issue with equine overpopulation. Agencies all over America have seized several animals whom owners were unable to provide homes for. Oftentimes these animals are severely malnourished and neglected. Rather than have this problem go on unaddressed, we plan to take advantage of the situation and generate a viable protein source that is ready to consume for those who are living within the newly erected FEMA structures.”
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