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“I love Chippie so much! He’s my best friend in the whole world and I can’t wait to get my very own real life Chippie implanted in my hand!” Brading Harris Nine Years Old

(Big Horn, WY) – Inside a dimly lit gymnasium hundreds of parents, students and teachers are all seated and looking toward the stage in hushed anticipation. Thick velvety drapes obscure the magic that is about to take place. The magic so many in this community have pined for and are now waiting on the edge of their seats to behold.

Suddenly a jingle can be heard coming from the school’s PA. Quiet at first, the sound starts to level out and an upbeat tune commences to fill the massive room. The children’s excitement is palpable but they continue to remain silent, eyes forward, not wanting to miss a second of the show once it begins.

The theme song drops its tempo and the curtains slowly begin to open. Gasps can be heard from the audience as they bear witness to the 7 foot tall, cylindrical character standing center stage. He starts to sing in a comically high-pitched voice and that’s when absolute bedlam breaks out. Some children are jumping up and down, screaming wildly. Others clap their hands, smiling and singing along, already knowing the song that is now barely audible above the shrieks and squeals of several hundred overjoyed kids.
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