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brooks-oregon-fetus-powered-town(Brooks, Oregon) – Marion County commissioners recently approved a new “green” incinerator which generates electricity by burning tissue from aborted fetuses. “We have let this valuable resource go to waste for far too long”, explained executive commissioner, Cheryl Briggs. “Multiple clinics in several counties have supplied us with their fetal refuse. It has been enough to generate a consistent source of clean energy for over a month now. If our estimations are correct, we will eventually be able to power the entire town using this method.”

Some weren’t so enthusiastic in regards to the county’s new fetus-powered generators. Brooks, OR resident, Helen Maples, was horrified when we informed her of the project. “I’m extremely uncomfortable with the fact that whenever I flick a light switch or operate an appliance, it’s going to be due to the fact that they are shoveling dead babies into a furnace. That is just wrong and I feel incredibly sick about it.”
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