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(McCormick, SC) – Law enforcement officials in McCormick County, South Carolina have drastically lowered the maximum IQ cap-off for all newly hired police officers. What that means for hopeful flat shoes is a limit on how intelligent they can be before receiving a gun and badge.

City officials cite the change in policy as a way to contend with new challenges in today’s ultra-violent society. Sheriff of McCormick County, Bobo Greere gave reporters the following statement at a press conference Wednesday:

“We need officers who aren’t going to second guess the orders given to them. Multiple Harvard studies have shown that individuals with higher levels of intelligence are more prone to corruption and violence towards innocent civilians. It is simply a risk we cannot afford to bring amongst our ranks. The less our officers question the experienced commands of their superiors, the safer we are all going to be as a community.”

Law makers dropped the maximum IQ requirements a whole 30 points from an average score of 90 to 60, an IQ that is only marginally higher than that of a person with down-syndrome.
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