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7891520816_a78145932a_nFaculty members at the Lawrence Heights Elementary School located near Marlborough Village, MO are in hot water after one of their substitute teachers allegedly informed all of the students in his 4th grade classroom that “Santa Claus isn’t real” during a recent history lesson.

Jeremy Townsen (pictured left) is the 29-year-old self-proclaimed atheist currently at the center of this holiday controversy. According to complaints filed by several parents, Mr. Townsen went on an extensive anti-religious tirade before cruelly dashing the children’s visions of sugarplums upon the hard slate of reality.

Students were understandably shaken after the incident and many went on to tell their parents about what had occurred. After an influx of angry calls to the school, superintendent Gerald Myers held a meeting on Monday to decide what would be done with Mr. Townsen. He released the following statement.

“Naturally we have several parents who are very distraught over what occurred and we are addressing the problem as quickly and efficiently as we can. We will have on site trauma counselors to talk with the children and resolve the PTSD they may be experiencing as the result of Mr. Townsen’s careless declarations. We understand that Mr Townsen had no business imposing his personal beliefs onto these children and we are working hard to create solutions in the wake of this dilemma.”
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