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After 9/11 (never forget) many aspects of the American way of life were effected by drastic changes. Not only did we lose hundreds of our brothers and sisters on that tragic day, we also lost a considerable amount of privacy and freedom. One area in which this is most evident is our airports and their increased scrutiny of passengers.

Long gone are the days of comfortable, hassle-free flights. Now we are forced to contend with the ugly, assumptive sneers of deviant TSA agents. They are savage, brainless thugs, given authority which far exceeds their experience, intelligence and tax bracket.

These feeble-minded, cretinous schlubs whose sub-par IQ’s and doughy physiques wouldn’t allow them to become cops, are now essentially allowed to run rampant upon travelers at their own leisure. They spend their days debasing the general public, while barely providing any relevant service for which their positions were designed.

I find it amazing that even after nonstop allegations of abuse at the hands of TSA agents, people still insist on using airlines as their primary means of long-distance travel. Each day, millions of Americans willingly subject themselves to what would be seen in a sane society as sexual assault.
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