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washington-memorial-protest(Washington, DC) – Obama’s DC stormtroopers once again barred entrance to the Washington Memorial as the US government continued to play hookey with our nation. Since Republicans decided to ‘take their ball and go home’ all federally owned buildings are closed to the general public. This, of course, includes the Washington Memorial.

A massive turnout of elderly war veterans and aggro-protesters soon resulted in a violent confrontation with the democratic gestapo stationed outside.

According to White House rumors, President Obama shut down all national memorials both to punish Republicans and to demonstrate the power he continues to lord over our nation.

Outside of the Washington Memorial stood several hundred people, all demanding entrance into the beloved monument to their fallen heroes.

“This is America!” Shouted one white-bearded gentleman hoisting a POW flag above his head. “I fought for this country! My friends died for this country! I should be able to pay my respects!”.

Stone-faced police officers stood with M-16s slung over their shoulder and dressed head to toe in military garb. They glared through the angry mob, unflinching to their verbal abuse.

Suddenly an iron clad SWAT van pulled up to the eastern flank of protesters. From the van’s loudspeaker a voice began issuing commands in a distorted monotone voice:

“Go home! The Memorial is closed!” the monstrous SWAT van echoed to hundreds of veterans and supporters. “Clear out now or be arrested. You are all trespassing on federally owned property.”

That’s when out of nowhere I watched a smoking canister cartwheel through the air; the thick white gas juxtaposed against the brilliant blue sky. Spinning through captured in slow motion. I followed the gas trail as it landed amidst a throng of people.  There was a loud bang and that’s when chaos erupted. People were screaming, trying to run away. Many of the old veterans were caught in the stampede becoming trampled underfoot by frightened picketers. Officers were blasting activist groups with water canons as they attempted to escape the horrific scene.

As I made my way from the carnage I saw the backdoor of the SWAT van open like hellish, gaping jaws, and from it spilled at least two dozen snarling police dogs. They lunged from the van and begin attacking the first non-police targets they could find.

I eventually made it back to our news van with two of our three man camera crew still intact. Terry Owens, one of National Report’s newest interns was lost during the chaotic scuffle. We had no intentions to chance our freedom going back for him and hopes of finding him in the rioting crowd seemed next to impossible.

The remaining crew and myself hightailed it out of DC and headed back to National Report headquarters thankful to have survived.

Jane M. Agni (2013, October 13)
Originally Published On National Report

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