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It’s certainly no secret that the American government and certain private interest groups has long been infusing the pop culture we enjoy with subliminal messages. Documents dating back to the 50’s have shown instances where individuals were experimented upon in movie theaters using cerebral triggers. It’s also been stated by well respected neurologists that certain methods of hypnotic suggestion can be hugely successful in “implanting” thoughts where they would have not otherwise been. Even more recently, we’ve witnessed block buster films accused of triggering fatal, real world results in its unsuspecting viewers.

The Dark Knight Rises is one such movie. The third title in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, TDKR has been steeped in controversy since opening night. James Holmes of Aurora, CO dressed in tactical gear, and referring to himself as “The Joker”, opened fire on a packed theater during a 12 O’clock showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

In another instance, Adam Lanza, a 20-year-old with autism from Connecticut, entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 students and 6 teachers before taking his own life. This is relevant because Sandy Hook appeared as a location noted within’ Nolan’s Gotham City.

Even more recently, Germanwings Flight 9593 crashed in the french alps, an event which bore a striking similarity to the opening scene from The Dark Knight Rise.

That said, I do not feel it is such an incredible, or outlandish stretch to be apprehensive about the upcoming superhero title, ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Coincidentally–or not–this movie has been announced during a vulnerable era in America’s history, one in which civil unrest, riots, and racial tension appears at the forefront of news media.

The Captain America movies are no stranger to subversive content, either. The previous Captain America installment, ‘Winter Soldier’, took elements from a real event called Project Paperclip, wherein Nazi scientists were brought to America after the end of World War II to share their knowledge.

The Avenger’s movie, which features Captain America along with other members from the popular Marvel Comics series, grossed over 191.3 million during it’s opening weekend. What movie goers were seeking was a temporary reprieve from the stresses of modern day society, but few realize the hazards which lurk under the surface of their entertainment. Hypnotic suggestion, desensitization, and subliminal themes are just a few of the methods employed to trigger a desired response. One which we can certainly speculate to be a negative–possibly even fatal reaction to the stimuli. By breeding dissent, xenophobia, intolerance, racial bigotry and the like, those in charge can effectively divide and conquer the American people, distracting us from our systematic oppression of human rights, and the financial instability the middle class and lower.

Only time will tell as the film is set to be released in late 2016, and with it, a Pandora’s box of negative influences upon the masses. Until that time, be safe dear reader, and remember to always question the intentions behind what you’re seeing on the big screen, or the small one.

Jane M. Agni (2015, May 21)
Originally Published On United Media Publishing

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