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A Woman’s Period Is The Most Stressful And Humiliating Time Of The Month

(World) – The vagina. That fleshy butterfly, salted away between a woman’s thighs. There it remains, shrouded in taboo mystery. Concealed. Hidden, and for good reason…

A mere glance at the female reproductive organ makes one cringe in repulsion. Like a perpetually gushing wound, its visage triggers the brain’s panic receptors and induces a “fight or flight” response.

A woman’s face can be an image of heaven. A woman’s genitalia, however, will always be a vision of hell.

As a female, I’m sure you have found the public purchase of feminine hygiene products to be deeply humiliating. Under your arm is the diaper sized package intended to sop up nature’s little monthly curse. The entire store seems to go silent as you take that walk of shame through the checkout stand. Exposed. Raped by the cruel jeers of the clerk and your fellow patrons. All of them projecting the harsh knowledge that soon, those elephant mattresses will be pressed against your profusely bleeding baby cave.

Maybe it would be best for all involved if women-only specialty stores were implemented for the sale and purchase of these shameful items we call “feminine hygiene products”.

I’ve taken it upon myself create blue prints for a facility designed to cater specifically to women on their periods. As you can see from the diagram bellow, it is constructed with two key purposes in mind: Efficiency and privacy.

First we have a discrete entrance out of sight from pedestrians and motorists. No longer will you have to worry about bumping into an acquaintance or coworker during your solemn march through the supermarket’s vagina isle.

The receptionist will be stationed behind a thick sheet of metal in the lobby area. Security cameras, microphones and speakers will be positioned throughout the facility for communication and safety purposes.

A deposit is left with the receptionist and the you will be required to disrobe, putting your clothing in the appropriately labeled receptacle. Afterwords a gown will be provided for covering yourself.

Our next room contains a long series of stalls allowing women to walk in separate single file lines towards the main sales floor. Once there the customer will find individually themed chambers containing various items relating to the tedious care and maintenance of that angry lil’ snapper.


Prototype For New Feminine Hygiene Product Shopping Center

Each female shopper will be separated by at least one of these rooms at a time keeping interactions with others next to nil.

The cashier will be at the end of this hallway seated behind another stark sheet of metal. Two robotic claws protrude from the wall and are controlled by the human attendant inside the command center. These high tech arms will ring up and accept your payment. Then return your articles of clothing through a motorized opening in the wall.

Here is the shower, restroom and locker area. You will find your clothing and any other articles that were dropped off in the lobby area. You may shower, use the restroom or apply your products.

Lastly, the elongated corridors leading to the exit allows for the female to regain her exposure before reentering the public.

The comfort, the peace of mind, the ease of shopping: It all seems so obvious. I’m amazed this idea hasn’t been implemented sooner.

I am looking to green light the construction of the test model soon. I’ve already started a government petition which will hopefully make these kinds of businesses a law for selling bio-hazardous feminine hygiene supplies. With the help of the forward thinking, empathetic public we can make this fantasy a reality. Thank you.

Jane M. Agni (2013, September 8)
Originally published on National Report, Modern Woman Digest

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