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Beautiful Yulin City In China's Guangxi Province Where The Dog Meat Festivals Are Held Every Year

Beautiful Yulin City In China’s Guangxi Province Where The Dog Meat Festivals Are Held Every Year

(Yulin, China) – The National Report has sent me on location to the Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China’s Guangxi province, to take in the sights and sounds and to discover for myself what the all hubbub was about surrounding this rich cultural event.

As I made my way through the bustling crowd and racks of cages crammed with frightened dogs, I could smell the intoxicating aromas of the food being prepared by jovial street vendors. I observed locals and tourists alike digging into some of these hearty dishes and decided to get their take on what drew them to the this barbaric yet mouth-watering jubilee.

“I know I should feel guilty about this because of my western upbringing, but it’s just so delicious” claimed Susan Dunwich a tourist hailing from Sac City, Iowa. ‘I was apprehensive at first, but after trying all these delectable treats, I’m converted! I’m even planning to start a small dog farm in my town next year so I can introduce the locals to what they have been missing out on!”

James and Kimberly Zulich, two animal welfare activists from Portland, Oregon had originally showed up to protest the event, but after sampling some of this year’s scrumptious culinary tidbits they had the following to report. “At first we came here with the intention of shutting down this event for the sake of the animals. But with all these savory dishes staring us in the face, we caved in to our compulsions. I guess the old adage “don’t knock it till’ you try it” applies here. I mean, it’s a total bummer that all these dogs are kept in filthy conditions and basically tortured to death and stuff, but the end result is some really fabulous cuisine. It’s tough to stick to your guns after experiencing the taste of such amazing fare. ”

We stumbled across a couple of locals who were preparing dog meat in an alley and decided to ask them what made mongrel meat so appealing that it deserved its own yearly event. “Dog make man much virility!” exclaimed Fengzi Shagua. He claimed he and his brother Juru had always eagerly partaken in the festival since they were young boys. They seemed quite gleeful as each brother took turns humanely bludgeoning the cowering, frightened mutts with baseball bats before searing the fur off their corpses with a large industrial blowtorch. Soon they would be diced up into bite sized tidbits and served to the eager crowd.

After sampling the Korgi-kebab I had to ask myself, is there really any reason dogs can’t be considered man’s best friend as well as a delightful source of nourishment? Here in the states where thousands of dogs are needlessly euthanized each year, it seems akin to throwing perfectly good food into the garbage!

Given the damage industrial farming does to our environment here in America, there is really no reason why dog farming should not be implemented as a viable alternative. Animal shelters could generate a lot of revenue if they were to double as restaurants. Poverty and hunger could be alleviated if we were to utilize this untapped resource, and animal overpopulation would cease entirely.

There is no reason at all not to embrace this tradition in the Land of Liberty as the consumption of canines would solve a myriad of issues facing the American people today, and would do so in a savory, delicious manner!

Photo credit: Yulin City, Guangxi Province, China, Dog Meat Festival, By Unknown, Labeled for reuse google image search, Source: https://ciccib.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/yulin-dog-meat-festival-protest-guanxi-china-june-2012/

Jane M. Agni (2015, June 18)
Originally Published On National Report

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